The dancers are made to walk with cups on their heads to improve posture and balance outside the Cebu City Dancesports Studio. A large portion of their practice time is devoted to maintaining correct posture and balance.

Photo Contest Mechanics
1. This contest is open to all amateur and professional photographers duly registered.

2. Official Entry forms are available at the Philippine Sports Commission Cebu City Office at the Cebu City Sports Complex, Jones Ave., Cebu City with Tel. No. +6332-254-7786 during office hours, Monday to Friday until September 24, 2010, and on-site at the Grand Ballroom Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino, Lahug, Cebu City on September 26, 2010.

3. The registration fee is TWO HUNDRED (P200.00) per registrant.

4. The Photo Contest Categories are:

a. “Elegance and Grace”
– the image should capture beauty in movement or show seemingly effortless beauty or charm of movement of the couple while performing.
b. “Emotion”
– an image showing a projection of any strong feeling, as of joy, sorrow, or elation, etc. of participant/s and/or spectator/s and guest/s; whether by an individual, a pair, a small group, large group or of the entire dance hall.
c. “Character”
– the image should exude a certain quality or a characteristic property that defines the individual and/or couple from the rest.
A maximum of Fifteen (15) photos may be submitted by each registrant. Each photographer can submit a maximum of Five (5) entries per category. All photos should be taken during the 5th Dancesport sa Sugbu & 2010 Cebu IDSF Open Dancesport Championship Competition on September 26, 2010

Contest Guidelines:
a. No Flash Photography is permitted at the periphery of the Dance Floor at al times;

b. The issued Photographer’s ID must be worn while inside the Grand Ballroom of the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino;

c. Photographers must observe non-entry and must not impede access and/or flow to the following restricted zones:
(a) Dance Floor;
(b) Dressing Room;
(c) Dining Area;
(d) Scrutineer’s Area;
(e) Adjudicators’/Presidential Table on stage

Failure to observe non-entry to the above listed restricted zones will result in the automatic disqualification of the erring photographer from the photo contest.

d. All images submitted must be in full color.

e. All entries must be candid and un-posed. Photographers are also prohibited from calling the attention of and from interrupting the participants while they are performing on the dance floor.

f. Final entries shall be submitted in a un-mounted 5”x7” Photo Print with or without borders, with the category and photographer’s name indicated at the back of the photo. The corresponding RAW file and JPEG file (edited file) of the image/s in CD format with the name of the photographer on the CD is to be submitted together with the entries in a sealed envelope bearing the name of the photographer on the upper left corner.

g. Post production like exposure control (dodge and burn); Color saturation (control); creative cropping, contract/brightness adjustment, and other minor digital retouching is allowed. Composite images and digital alteration like adding/removing of any part of the image are disallowed.

Criteria for Judging:

  • 30% – Relevance to the Category Theme
  • 30% – Composition
  • 25% – Quality of Image (sharpness/exposure/lighting)
  • 15% – Creativity/Originality

5. Deadline for submission of entries will be on October 2, 2010 at 5:00 pm at the Philippine Sports Commission Cebu City Office with Tel. No. +6332-254-7786.

6. Identifying marks, signs and address to insinuate information of ownership is strictly prohibited on the photo entry.

7. The top 15 finalists shall be selected among all entries per category and shall be the basis for selecting the top 3 photos of each category.

8. By joining this contest, winners and finalists agree that the royalty of the photographer shall not apply every time the Dancesport Team Cebu City (DTCC) will use the photos and grants DTCC royalty-free, world-wide, exclusive license to display and reproduce the photo/s for promotional purposes. Rights to the winning entries shall belong exclusively to DTCC. The photographer may not use the photographs or variation of that same composition for any other purpose except for his personal portfolio. Photographers will be given photo credits every time applicable.

PRIZES for each Category:

  • 1st Port Restaurant GC Late Night Buffet for 4 pax plus Trophy
  • 2nd Port Restaurant GC Late Night Buffet for 2 pax plus Trophy
  • 3rd Port Restaurant GC Late Night Buffet for 2 pax plus Trophy


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