DanceSport Team Cebu International Inc.’s General Objectives are:

  • To promote awareness of DanceSport in Cebu City and neighboring provinces
  • To provide venue for training of potential athletes in the field of DanceSport
  • To instill discipline and passion for DanceSport among athletes, supporters and enthusiasts
  • To encourage DanceSport among the youth as a diversion from and prevention of exposure to drug abuse and petty crimes
  • To develop skills among DanceSport athletes and enthusiasts with a syllabus based on the standards outlined by the International DanceSport Federation
  • To enhance the skills of DanceSport athletes to be at par and competitive with athletes within Asia and the world
  • To instill and develop the values and virtues of humility, professionalism, perseverance, tolerance, team spirit, team work, mutual respect and sincerity among DanceSport athletes
  • To support deserving athletes in national and international competitions
  • To initiate programs, activities and events such as DanceSport competitions of local, national and international scope to promote both the tourism and sporting industries of the city of Cebu
  • To provide year-round free DanceSport training in barangay (village) levels for potential athletes from underprivileged families

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