“”The GOLD is not the real goal. We put the gold at the top of a mountain for the athletes to aspire to reach the summit. As they climb, they learn to develop their self-esteem, self-confidence and discipline. That is our goal, to help these kids; to transform the youth through dance…..” Mr. Edward Hayco (Chairman DTCC) shared during the TV Guesting in Scoop Forum with Bobby Inoferio of CCTN Ch. 47 (24 July 2014).

The Team promoted the upcoming event this 09 Aug 2014 – Cebu Open Dancesport Championship & 7th Dancesport sa Sugbu. They’ve also talked about the Summer Grassroots Program every year teaching different sports to the young – one of which is dancesports.

Mrs. Eleanor Hayco also shared the team’s objectives, hardwork and commitment to teach young people in every Baragay of Cebu City for FREE. Mr. Hayco saluted Mr. Crisaldo “Loloi” Rendon for his love and dedication to teach dancesport in Cebu despite of the big oppurtunity waiting for him abroad. “My heart belongs here. I want to share my learnings in dancesport. I am looking at a bigger scale on what I can do to promote our very own talents.” Mr. Rendon said. Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Eleanor Hayco added “Our trainers are world class Champions… we train our athletes let them grow by sending them to competitions”. ….. “We teach for free and in return our “Champions” will teach for FREE.”….Ms. Jenette Flores (Secretariat, DTCC) bragged of all the medals they have that proves they are CHAMPIONS.,,,,,Mr. Hayco said that It’s not the medals that put them on top but their HEART that sends them flying high…..

Bobby Inoferio, the host of the show, was inspired of DTCC’s advocacy. He admired the humility of DTCC’s Chairman, Mr. Edward Hayco. He said God bless to DTCC!
The forum ended with lots of inspiration from both the host and the guests.

*DTCC – DanceSport Team Cebu City”

From CCTN Ch. 47 TV Guesting – for 7th Dancesport sa Sugbu. Posted by Dancesport Team Cebu City on 7/24/2014 (29 items)

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