Highlights of the Pre Production Meetings for CEBU WDSF OPEN DANCESPORT CHAMPIONSHIP (Standard & Latin) and 8th DANCESPORT SA SUGBU – September 19, 2015.

DanceSport Team Cebu City always find ways to make the meetings fun – taking selfies, wacky group pic, and eating sumptous foods. Last April 06, 2015 DanceSport Team Cebu City surprised a birthday cake for the Marketing & PR Consultant of DTCC, Ms. April Tudtud Ramos.

7th of May, Ms. Hiroko Sato of Cebu Pot Magazine joined the team’s fun meeting.
(Cebu WDSF Open DanceSport Chamiopnship is featured in Cebu Pot Magazine).

The team is getting ready to give you another memorable event of the year. It will be a blast!

*Photo from top:
1. MOA signing with Hiroko Sato of Cebu Pot
2. Birthday surprise for Ms. April Ramos
3. The wacky team :)”

From PreProd Meetings for Cebu WDSF Open DanceSport Championship (Lati. Posted by Dancesport Team Cebu City on 5/08/2015 (16 items)

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