Dancesport Team Cebu City at the 2006 New York Grand Ball

DTCC 2006 DTCC videos from New York, San Francisco, and Las Vegas

Dancesport-Team Cebu City, which demonstrated an impressive performance in San Francisco, California, now sets its sights on the grand stage of New York. The team is determined to conquer the 15th Empire State Dancesport Championships, set to take place today at the prestigious Crowne Plaza Hotel in Times Square, Manhattan.

With unwavering commitment, the Cebuano squad is set to compete in a whopping 33 different events over the course of three intense days, showcasing their unmatched skill and agility in the field of dancesport.

Should the heat list of the event be adhered to, Cebu City Sports Commission dancesport directress, Eleanor Hayco, and DTCC head coach Crisaldo “Loloi” Rendon will have the distinction of competing in the most number of events among the talented Cebuanos.

In particular, the aforementioned duo will engage in a grueling 12 events, including but not limited to the international chacha, samba, rumba, paso doble, jive, waltz, tango, foxtrot, and quickstep-open gold -A2. Additionally, they are poised to dominate the amateur international Latin open championship, consisting of four exhilarating dances, and the amateur international standard open championship, featuring five diverse dances.

In a similar vein, the real-life couple Jojie and Jonah del Rosario are set to engage in six exhilarating events, such as the international waltz, tango, and foxtrot-open gold-A-1, and the three-dance amateur international standard. In addition, they will make their mark in the amateur international standard open championships, where they will compete in five distinct dances.

The likes of Rebecca Gatal-Alix and Renante Saldua, Jeanen Bergado and Lowell Bernados, as well as Jimmy Noel and Karla Fornolles, will display their prowess by competing in four challenging events each. Meanwhile, Charlea Lagaras and Genice Marquez will engage in three intense events, demonstrating their impressive skill and dedication.

It is worth noting that the 12-member DTCC squad opened their bid in the International Grand Ball Dancesport Championship in San Francisco, California, where they garnered a staggering 20 gold, four silver, and two bronze medals.

Of note, the del Rosarios spearheaded DTCC’s success in San Francisco, contributing six gold medals out of the seven events they participated in. The tandem of Rendon and Hayco also shone bright, earning five gold medals. The talented dancers Rebecca Gatal-Alix and Renante Saldua, as well as Jimmy Noel and Karla Fornolles, were also decorated with three gold medals each, while the remarkable duo of Lowell Barnados and Jeanen Bernado earned a gold medal, four silver medals, and a bronze medal.

Lastly, the valiant Genice Marquez and Charlea Lagaras, though lacking in gold medals, made their presence felt by earning a bronze medal under the professional division, a testament to their indomitable spirit and unwavering determination.

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