Brodie Barden & Lana Skrgic-de Fonseka
Brodie and Lana showed the DTCC participants the correct ways to execute certain movements.

  • *Principles of Standard Dances
    *Essence of Rumba (Women)
    *Latin – Importance of Footwork & Leg Action
    *Rumba Leg Action (How Important It Is)
    *JIVE Source of Energy
    *Competitive (Quickstep Routine)
    *Developing Waltz to Competitive
    *Basic Quickstep/Fit Action-Juvenile
    *Foxtrot-Foot Skills
    *Types of Sway – Waltz
    *Latin – Characterization

    DTCC Album – 2019 Coach Brodie and Lana’s Class

    Who are Brodie Barden and Lana Skrgic-de Fonseka

    Brodie Barden and Lana Skrgic-de Fonseka are a dance couple who have achieved success as ballroom dancers. They have competed together in various competitions around the world and have won numerous titles, including the Australian Open Professional Latin Championship and the UK Open Professional Rising Star Latin Championship. They are known for their technical skill and dynamic performances on the dance floor. Additionally, they have also been involved in teaching and coaching other dancers, sharing their expertise and passion for ballroom dance with others.

    Brodie Barden and Lana Skrgic-de Fonseka have been praised for their chemistry and artistry in their performances. They have also been featured in various dance shows and events, including the popular television show “Dancing with the Stars Australia”.

    In addition to their achievements in ballroom dance, Brodie and Lana are also advocates for mental health and have shared their own experiences with mental health challenges. They have been involved in various initiatives and campaigns to raise awareness about mental health and reduce stigma surrounding mental health issues.

    Brodie and Lana continue to inspire and impact others with their dancing, teaching, and advocacy work.

    Brodie and Lana are considered to be one of the most successful ballroom dance couples of their generation. They have competed in various competitions together and have won several prestigious awards, including the UK Open Professional Rising Star Latin Championship, the Australian Open Professional Latin Championship, and the UK Closed Professional Latin Championship.

    Aside from their dance accomplishments, Brodie and Lana are also known for their philanthropic work. They are both actively involved in raising awareness and funds for several charitable causes, including mental health and animal welfare.

    Their dedication to mental health advocacy stems from their personal experiences with mental health issues. Both Brodie and Lana have been open about their struggles with anxiety and depression, and have used their platform to inspire others to seek help and break down the stigma surrounding mental health.

    Overall, Brodie and Lana are not only accomplished ballroom dancers but also advocate for important causes. They continue to make a positive impact in the dance world and beyond.

    Brodie Barden and Lana Skrgic-de Fonseka were in Cebu City, Philippines in 2019 to teach and mentor young ballroom dancers. This was confirmed by a Facebook album posted on the DTCC official Facebook page, which documented their trip and showed them conducting workshops and lessons with local dancers.

    This further highlights Brodie and Lana’s dedication to spreading the love of ballroom dance and supporting the growth of young dancers. By sharing their knowledge and expertise with others, they are not only contributing to the development of the dance community but also empowering and inspiring aspiring dancers to pursue their passion and achieve their dreams.

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