On April 27, 2024, DanceSport Team Cebu City won three (3) gold, three (3) silver, and two (2) bronze medals in the Hayin DanceSport Competition 2024 at the Northern Quezon Auditorium, Barangay Comon, Infanta, Quezon. 

LIST OF WINNERS (DanceSport Team Cebu City)

Pauline Venice Duba & Dylan Jacob Esmero :
2nd – Youth A Latin
2nd – Under-21 Latin
2nd – Youth C Standard

Ashley Cullo & Kharl Miñoza :
1st – Youth A Latin
1st – Under-21 Latin

Arianne Generalao & Rodreyan Rodriguez :
1st – Youth C Latin
3rd – Youth A Standard
3rd – Under-21 Standard

In the 2nd Magayon Open DanceSport Competition and PDSFI Ranking Point System last May 11–12, 2024, at the Albay Astrodome, Legazpi City, DanceSport Team Cebu City bagged a total of four (4) gold, three (3) silver, and three (3) bronze medals. 

Day 1

Grade D & C Latin – 3rd
Speacial Event 1C Latin – 2nd
Jefreyl Palimocon & Krisia De Jesus

Special Event 1C Latin – 1st
Teacher Student Latin – 1st
Lark Jabonero & Justhel Kate Monteron

Grade B Latin – 1st
Shardie Abellana & Marjorie Abellana

Grade B Latin – 2nd
Jasmer Labitad & Lorraine Mae Pacaña

Day 2

Grade A Latin

Andrew Ysla & Noelyn Mie Pedrano – 1st

John Paul Mocorro & Mitchloni Dinauonao – 2nd

Anselmo Estillore Jr & Mary Joy Dumosmog- 3rd

John Lloyd Leyson & Ouie Selene Rendon – 4th Place

Lloyd Simon Asuque & Trxie Pearl Dicdican- 5th Place

DanceSport Team Cebu City, your remarkable achievements in the world of dance have left us all in awe. Your commitment to excellence shines brightly, inspiring dancers everywhere. The dedication, passion, and sportsmanship you’ve displayed are truly admirable. Keep moving, keep grooving, and keep spreading the magic of dance!

Remember, success isn’t just about the medals—it’s about the joy you bring to the dance floor, the friendships you forge, and the memories you create. Keep dancing with your hearts, and may your journey continue to be filled with grace, rhythm, medals, and boundless enthusiasm.

Wishing you all the best for your future epic performances!

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