DanceSport Challenge 2023 "Grassroots Cebu City Junior Olympics Series Competition."

The DanceSport Challenge 2023 “Grassroots Cebu City Junior Olympics Series Competition” was a smashing success.

The event was held on December 2, 2023, in the City Wing Atrium, SM Seaside City, Cebu. It started its first leg last April and ended with a blast just this December. It showcased the skills of underprivileged kids in the field of dance sports.

The DanceSport Grassroots program has been very fulfilling and meaningful for all of the volunteers because they were able to offer their time and provide free lessons to the kids from impoverished areas not only in Cebu City but also in some towns in the Cebu Province.

The DanceSport Grassroots program was started by DanceSport Team Cebu City (DTCC) in coordination with the Department of Education and the barangays via the former Sangguniang Kabataan to gather kids in the barangay or school gyms and train them. The coaches and trainers were members of the DTCC. It didn’t matter if they were already gold medalists; the policy was that they had to hand down what they had learned to the kids via the grassroots program, paying it forward.

We hope the program continues to grow and inspire more kids to pursue their passion for dance sports. And we hope our advocacy will keep transforming our youth for the better through dance.

Our Advocacy: “Transforming our youth through dance.”

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