We want to sincerely thank the Cebu City Government for their unwavering support of our over 25 years of grassroots program. Their generous contribution has enabled us to reach out to more communities and empower underprivileged kids with the skills and resources they need to improve their lives. We are honored to have such a committed and visionary partner in our mission to create positive social change – “Transforming Our Youth Through Dance”.

With much love, DanceSport Team Cebu City

The DanceSport Grassroots program was started in the year 1998 by DanceSport Team Cebu City (DTCC) in coordination with the Cebu City Government, the Department of Education, and the barangays via the former Sangguniang Kabataan to gather kids in the barangay or school gyms and train them. The program aims to teach DanceSport to children and youth from different barangays and schools in Cebu City, especially those from impoverished areas. The coaches and trainers were members of the DTCC. It didn’t matter if they were already gold medalists; the policy was that they had to hand down what they had learned to the kids via the grassroots program, paying it forward. The program has produced many successful dance sports athletes, such as Wilbert Aunzo and Pearl Marie Cañeda, who won three gold medals in the 2019 Southeast Asian Games.

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